As a consumer you have 24 months warranty right. This means that you can either get the item fixed, exchanged, full or partial refund depending on the actual issue. It is required that the claim is justified, and not because of faulty use of the product or other harmful use.

If you wish to make a claim about a product, please contact our customer service department. Please add documentation of your purchase, photos and an explanation of the claim.

When contacting our customer service, the following requirements should be met for us to complete your claim:

- You must make us aware of the claim in due time after finding the error.

- The claim should be filed within 24 months of the purchase.

- You must be able to show us an order number or other proof of purchase.

- The claim should be clearly described including attached photos.

- The product should have been handled with care and maintained correctly.




At GreenGate we strive to provide the best service. However, on some occasions, it can happen that we accidentally pack the wrong item or that one of the items are damaged during transport. If this happens, please contact our customer service department. If you have received the wrong item, please return the item using the enclosed return label. You will be refunded the purchase price as well as any delivery costs, and our warehouse will make sure you receive the correct item as soon as possible.  

When you contact our customer service department, please have the order number ready, as well as the product code for the received item and attach a picture if possible. If you have received an item you have not ordered, GreenGate will pay the return cost.  




If you have bought a GreenGate product in one of our retail stores, we please ask you to direct your claim to the actual store where you bought the product.