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At GreenGate you will find many elegant sugar bowls with lids. The sugar bowls are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. See the beautiful sugar bowls here
Put a beautiful sugar bowl on the table
Keep sugar shakers or a sugar bowl close by hand. It's practical and pretty when you serve tea or coffee. And you don't have to bother with a sugar bag, which often leaves grains of sugar everywhere. In a sugar bowl with a lid, the sugar even keeps longer without becoming hard.
Sugar bowls are another great invention for serving pancakes, apple slices, scones or rice pudding. Fill the sugar bowls with icing sugar, jam, or cinnamon sugar so that guests can sprinkle them themselves.
If you are serving something from the savory kitchen, you can still benefit from an elegant sugar bowl. Serve with hummus, chili oil, pesto, or other condiments. And if you don't eat it all, put it in the fridge with a lid.

Ideas for using sugar bowls:
- Caster sugar for coffee, tea, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.
- Jam or icing sugar for apple wedges
- Lemon curd for scones
- Butter for bread
- Cinnamon sugar for rice pudding
- Hummus, olives, and pesto for the tapas table

Beautiful designs of sugar bowls 
GreenGate's sugar bowls appeal to most people. Yet they share a look of elegance and romance. Choose a stylish, slightly rustic sugar bowl from the everyday range - or a more feminine vintage style sugar bowl with a floral print.
Our Alice sugar bowls are incredibly elegant and classic in expression. Here you get a white ribbed sugar bowl. All our sugar bowls are made of ceramic. You can also explore our other bowls
Mix and Match sugar bowl and creamer etc.
Would you like your table or kitchen to match? You can easily put together your own set. Start looking for matching sugar bowls and creamer jugs. Should they look exactly the same or complement each other? A flowered sugar bowl and creamer would make a beautiful set between plain plates and cups. With our Alice set, you get a light, classic and coherent place setting.
If you want a more romantic table setting instead, we have our French inspired sugar bowls with flowers and patterns for you. They can be combined with our French bowls or one of our flower plates, for example. 
Buy your sugar bowl with lid at Greengate.
On our website you can find exactly the sugar bowl that suits your taste. We have a large selection of sugar bowls with lids that you can combine with a milk jug of your choice. You can also explore our latest news and offers. 
Buy your sugar bowl online at Greengate.