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Looking for beautiful cups for the coffee table? With our GreenGate cups, you get both an aesthetic and functional design. Find beautiful ceramic cups with prints, flowery designs and fluted cups in various colours. Whether you prefer large cups or small cups, you'll find something to suit your taste at GreenGate. See the selection here:


Beautiful ceramic cups at GreenGate

Among our many Greengate cups, you'll find fine cups with handles, cups without handles, floral cups and printed cups. Our selection of cups and mugs ensures a beautiful and aesthetic table setting. No matter which cup you are looking for, GreenGate will fulfil your needs with our impressive range. Explore GreenGate and find your dream cups today.


Find beautiful cups in all colours and prints

You'll find GreenGate cups for every taste. Whether you prefer minimalistic, colourful or floral. Our cups come in a variety of designs and colours that will add a touch of personality to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

- Floral and flora cups

- Printed and printed cups

- White cups or white fluted cups

- Red, yellow, green and blue cups

- Cups with handles

- Cups without handles


Both large cups and small cups

At GreenGate you'll find a large selection of cups. If you are looking for small cups for your espresso, GreenGate has a selection of fine and elegant espresso cups. These are available as fluted cups or as small cups with flowers. If you prefer a small cup with a handle, you can explore our cups with saucers.

If you're looking for a large cup, we have our large teacups, latte cups and regular mugs, all of which combine functionality and aesthetics in an elegant way. All our cups add something special to the cake or breakfast table. And there's nothing better than a nice cup to brighten up the morning!


Match with your greengate cups

At GreenGate, you have a great opportunity to mix and match cups and mugs with other GreenGate tableware. If you want to put together a complete, coordinated and aesthetically pleasing table, you can also explore our plates, jugs or bowls. Choose from different sizes and designs to create a harmonious table setting. You can also find all Greengate tableware and crockery here.

You have the freedom to express your personal style and creativity when setting the table. Create a unique and beautiful table that will impress your guests and create an atmosphere of charm and elegance. Let GreenGate be your guide to creating unforgettable moments at the table.


Buy your GreenGate cup

If you have any questions about our webshop, please contact us via email, we endeavor to respond within 24 hours. Buy GreenGate cups today and enjoy your favorite beverage in a beautiful cup.