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After a busy day, there's nothing better than relaxing with a hot cup of tea. At GreenGate you will find beautiful tea cups in all shapes and sizes. Small and large ceramic teacups. Choose whether you want a teacup with or without a handle - and whether your teacup set should be plain or with a beautiful floral print. Find your new tea cup or mug here in our large selection.


Practical porcelain tea cups with handle 

At GreenGate, we don't just focus on aesthetics. Functionality and well-being are also at the forefront of the design of our tea cups. That is why all GreenGate tea cups are made of rubust ceramic. Our tea cups not only retain heat well. You can also easily and conveniently put your GreenGate tea cup in the dishwasher.

All GreenGate tea cups are cups with handles. This means that you can better protect your hands from the hot tea service. It also fits comfortably in your hand, so you can easily take your teacup with you on a walk through the garden. If you dream of a mug without a handle, take a closer look at our latte cups or espresso cups.


Large tea cups - the perfect size

Looking for the right large tea cups? GreenGate tea cups are neither too big nor too small. If you ask us, they are the perfect size at 0.4 litres. That's a big teacup that won't have you lifting the teapot every two minutes to refill it. It also has plenty of room for milk if you drink your Earl Grey or English Breakfast with a little milk. Our teacups have a large opening so that the tea can cool on the surface and you don't burn your tongue. 

The large size could easily lead to a chunky look, but the design of the cup is rounded off by a small foot or stand. A nice little detail that adds a certain lightness and finesse to the large tea cup.


More than just tea cups

GreenGate tea cups can be used for many different purposes. Here are some examples of new uses for our tea cups:

- Cocoa or coffee cup: GreenGate tea cups are not only suitable for tea, but also for serving and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or cocoa.

- Soup bowl: GreenGate tea cups can also be used to serve smaller portions of hot soups or broths. They are perfect for serving small, individual appetisers, for example.

- Ice cream or dessert bowl: Surprise your guests with an elegant presentation of ice cream or small desserts in your GreenGate tea cup.

- Yoghurt or fruit bowl: Use your GreenGate teacups to serve yoghurt or fruit. They are ideal for creating individual portions and add a fun and colourful touch to the table.

- Flower decoration: GreenGate tea cups can be used as unique vases for small bouquets of flowers. They add a wonderful touch of colour and style to your home and table.

- Storage or decoration: If you have small items, GreenGate's tea cups can be used as stylish storage solutions. Place them on your desk or in your bathroom to organise your small items.

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Create the perfect tea party with GreenGate

Are you organising a tea party or do you love setting the table for afternoon tea? With GreenGate you can create a unique table for your guests. You can combine our tea cups with a GreenGate tablecloth that matches the pattern or colour. You can also find sugar bowls, plates and teapots. Offer your guests an aesthetic dining experience and match your table with GreenGate.


Buy your tea cup today at GreenGate.

If you purchase your teacups before 12 noon, they will be shipped to you today. If you have any questions about our unique tea cups or any of our other products, please contact GreenGate Customer Service at online@greengatehome.com. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Find your favourite teacup at GreenGate today!