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Collection: Egg cups

See all the beautiful GreenGate egg cups here
The traditional breakfast table is set with a small egg cup for each plate for the soft-boiled or smiling egg. At GreenGate, you'll find several different egg cups in ceramic and porcelain, which of course match the rest of your GreenGate tableware. Choose from everything from beautiful flowered egg cups to striped egg cups or fluted egg cups in 19 different colours.
Good design doesn't have to cost the earth. Each GreenGate egg cup is created to complement your existing tableware and add extra charm to your table setting. Choose the perfect egg cup set to reflect your personal style and make every morning meal a special experience.

Buy a fluted egg cup that suits you 
If you're looking for beautiful, stylish egg cups, our Everyday egg cups could be for you. The fluted porcelain surface is a classic Danish design that oozes minimalism and quality. A white fluted egg cup fits in with most tableware and table settings. If you don't like white, simply choose your favourite shade. The Everyday collection consists of 19 colours, and we promise there's sure to be a colour that suits you.

Choose from many colours and designs
We have lots of fun and beautiful egg cups in different colours and patterns. Among other things, you can find:  
- White fluted egg cup 
- Blue egg cup 
- Green egg cup 
- Turkey coloured egg cup 
- Red egg cups 
- Brown egg cups 
- Purple egg cup 
- Striped egg cup 
- Flowered egg cup 
- Egg cup with edge 

Mix and match your own egg cup set
At GreenGate you have the opportunity to create your very own set of egg cups. If you want to get creative with your table setting and have a colourful breakfast table, you can mix and match a green egg cup with a pink egg cup. The only limit is your imagination.

Designer egg cups with functionality in focus 
Our egg cups are not only beautiful, but also designed with functionality in mind. All our egg cups are classically shaped: round egg cups with a foot, so the egg rises to the top and can easily be eaten with a teaspoon. 
The base ensures that the egg cup is stable on the table and does not tip easily. They also work well as a children's egg cup for the biggest ones. The bowl or cup itself is adapted to the average egg, so both M and XL eggs fit in it and can be easily placed and removed again. 

Much more than an egg holder 
GreenGate egg cups are part of a larger breakfast table tradition. They add style and personality to your breakfast and are also ideal as a gift or as a special addition to your own collection. Discover the beauty and charm of each egg cup and make every morning meal special.

Set the table with GreenGate 
Invite colour and pattern into your table setting with GreenGate egg cups. Whether you're organising a formal brunch or a cosy family lunch, our egg cups will add a unique touch and delight your guests.

If you are inviting guests and like a common thread in your table setting, you can mix and match with GreenGate's beautiful products. For example, you can match beautiful egg cups with our plates, bread baskets and water glasses. See our entire Everyday collection and get inspiration for your table setting with GreenGate.