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Bread baskets 

Buy a beautiful bread basket at GreenGate
Serve French bread, rye bread and crispbread in a beautiful bread basket from GreenGate. Our bread baskets are both practical and look better on the table than crumpled bakery bags and half-empty rye bread bags - so a bread basket also makes the meal and table setting more inviting. Guests around the table can pass the bread basket around themselves, so the bread is both better stored and better served. 
At GreenGate, we have bread baskets in different materials, colours and shapes, so you can find a bread basket in a design that suits your style. You can find a large fabric bread basket that looks great on the table as well as bread baskets with flowers and hand-drawn prints. If you bake warm buns, you can place one of our tea towels over the bread to keep them warm before serving.

Advantages of a fabric bread basket
There are many advantages to choosing a fabric bread basket over a wicker, wooden or metal bread basket. 
Our round bread baskets retain moisture in the crumb longer. It also retains temperature better and acts as a bread warmer. If you love warm baked goods, a cotton or linen bread basket could be the right choice.
We line our bread baskets with polyester so they are less susceptible to stains where butter, custard and the like could come into contact.
GreenGate fabric bread baskets also take up little space and can easily be folded and stored away in a drawer. They don't need to be stacked and don't take up as much space as wicker bread baskets, for example.

Can I wash my fabric bread basket in the washing machine?
Yes, all our fabric bread baskets are machine washable, making it incredibly easy to keep them clean and fresh. So don't hesitate to put them in the washing machine if they get dirty to keep them clean and beautiful. However, we always recommend that you follow the correct washing and drying instructions. You can find them on the washing label or on the product page.

Use your bread basket for more than bread 
Our fabric bread baskets are versatile and can be used for different purposes besides storing bread. Use them for example to: 
- Store fruit
- Yarn skeins
- Organise kitchen utensils
- Add a decorative element to your home 
Our bread baskets' charming design and quality materials make them a practical addition to any household. 

Give a bread basket as a gift - as wrapping
We love it when you show us new ways to use our products! A great idea is to use the beautiful bread baskets as a gift basket. Fill them with a delicious bottle of lemon oil, breadsticks, gourmet olives or a bottle of champagne, two champagne glasses and vinegar chips. 

A GreenGate bread basket is also an ideal gift for any occasion, whether it's a housewarming gift, birthday present or as a special hostess gift. It's the perfect gift and there's a lot less wrapping that goes straight into the bin.

Set the table with a fabric bread basket 
Our bread baskets complement any table setting. They blend in naturally and add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your meals. Find the bread basket that fits into your home and let it help create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. 
Our range of bread baskets are not only practical, they also work as part of your interior design. With our patterned bread baskets or striped bread baskets, you can find a bread basket to match any style. Make every dining experience a little more special with a charming bread basket from Greengate. 

Mix & match GreenGates bread baskets 
Mix and match your bread basket with our other designs. For example, you can combine your bread baskets with our plates, jugs or cups. Create a personalised and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen or on your dining table. Our collections are designed to complement each other to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing table setting.