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Collection: Mugs


Do you love a good mug for your tea or coffee? Here you'll find a wide range of fine GreenGate mugs where quality and aesthetics are in the centre of attention. Find the perfect ceramic mugs for your table setting and your needs - whether you like large mugs, small mugs, mugs with prints and colours or minimalist white mugs. Explore our many unique ceramic mugs from GreenGate.


Find your beautiful mugs here

You can get a GreenGate mug in several different colours and designs. They are available as white fluted mugs, flora mugs, cute and coloured mugs, and printed mugs. Whether for your own use or to impress your guests at the coffee table, GreenGate's beautiful mugs with handles are an obvious choice. Dive into our mug world and find the perfect ceramic mug for your needs and wishes!


Practical ceramic mugs with handles

Greengate design is not just about aesthetics. Functionality and well-being are also important to us. That's why our GreenGate mugs are made from durable ceramic and porcelain. They retain heat well - and the mugs can easily withstand everyday use. When it's time to wash them, you can put them in the dishwasher (with the exception of our gold-rimmed mugs). They all have a good weight, so they won't tip over too easily or weigh your hand down.


If you love a steaming hot cup of black coffee or herbal tea, choose a mug with a handle. That way your hands are better protected from the hot mug. All GreenGate mugs with handles are designed so that your hand and fingers don't get too hot. They rest comfortably in your hand, so you have a good grip and can easily take your coffee on a walk in the garden.


Why you should buy Greengate mugs

- You don't have to hold a hot mug of black coffee

- They sit well in your hand

- You can hang them from the handle 

- They are dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean

If you prefer mugs without handles, take a look at our cafe latte mugs or espresso cups.


Beautiful mugs in all colours and prints

GreenGate mugs are known for their beautiful and varied colour palette that suits all kinds of personal style and decor. If you're into the bright and feminine country garden style, then our flora mugs might be for you. We have mugs with prints and floral motifs in different colours that will decorate a nice summer table or lunch table.

If you don't mind a colourful table setting, you'll find plenty of coloured mugs in our range. Choose a pair of contrasting mugs that complement each other from our fluted mugs from the Alice Collection. Explore all our beautiful mugs and get inspired to create your very own colourful mug collection.


Coloured mugs from GreenGate: 

- Blue fluted mug

- White fluted mug

- Red mugs

- Mugs with motif

- Mugs with print

- Mugs with print

- Flora mugs

- Green mugs


Coordinate your mug with other accessories

GreenGate offers a wide range of matching accessories for your coffee or tea mugs. Create a coordinated and elegant table setting by combining different GreenGate products to create a harmonious and beautiful whole. Among other things, you can combine your mugs with:

- GreenGate jugs

- GreenGate plates

- GreenGate sugar bowls

- GreenGate egg cups 

By mixing and matching our mugs with other tableware, you have the freedom to express your personal style and creativity through your table setting. Create a unique and beautiful table setting that will impress your guests and create an atmosphere of charm and elegance with GreenGate.


Buy your ceramic mug today

Whether you're looking for a single mug or want to create an impressive collection, GreenGate fulfils all your expectations and needs. Our selection of mugs ranges from the simple white fluted mug to colourful and fun mugs, as well as mugs with floral and other prints - all of which are mugs with handles. Buy a GreenGate mug today and enjoy your favourite drinks in style and elegance.