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GreenGate has a wide range of cups with saucers that combine classic and modern style. Enjoy your coffee or tea in a fine and formal way from a beautiful cup and saucer. Find a cup and saucer set to match your coffee set and taste - whether you prefer a plain white fluted cup and saucer or a colourful cup and saucer. You can find the entire range here.

 You can also see all GreenGate cups here.


Beautiful cups with saucer by GreenGate

GreenGate's cups and saucers are a unique range that are popular for their finesse and aesthetics. Thanks to our wide range, you can easily find a cup and saucer set for a simple and elegant look or combine different colours for your service. You have the opportunity to let your creativity run free and express your personality on your table setting.


A classic look: White fluted cup and saucer

If your style is classic and simple, our white fluted coffee cups and saucers from the Alice collection are the perfect choice. This coffee cup will give your table a classic and minimalist look.


Lively table setting with colourful cups and saucers.

The Alice collection also offers many colourful cups with saucers. Choose the colour that you like. For example, you can combine contrasting colours like red with pastel green or pastel blue. This way you can create a unique table with all your favourite colours.


Get a romantic tableware with floral pattern

Are you more into romantic country decor? Maybe you serve tea and coffee mostly in the garden when it's nice and green there. A beautiful white mug with a floral pattern would fit right in. Find your flower print cup at GreenGate or create your own cup and saucer set with us.


Cup with saucer - practical and beautiful

Many people forgo saucers because they seem impractical and leave more dishes than necessary. At GreenGate, coffee and tea cups with saucers symbolise time for enjoyment. There is enough time to prepare a new cup or pour from the coffee pot. Enough time to make yourself comfortable and chat.

The saucer is even handy when you serve biscuits or the like. And when it's time to take the stirring spoon or tea bag out of the cup, there's no need to fetch a side plate. There's a place to put it and you can enjoy the company.


Design your own coffee or tea set at GreenGate.

Create a matching and aesthetically pleasing table. Start with your GreenGate cups and saucers and then choose plates or teapots. The Alice collection is available in all our product categories, so you can easily create a common thread for your table setting. See all our options for a beautiful and unique table setting here.


Buy your coffee cup and saucer at GreenGate. 

Order your favourite coffee cups and saucers by 12 noon and we'll send them to you the same day. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our products, please contact GreenGate Customer Service at We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Buy your favourite cup and saucer from GreenGate today!