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Do you also like to drink your espresso from a colourful cup? Or would you like to set a beautiful coffee table? GreenGate has many small espresso cups in different colours, patterns and designs. You will find white fluted cups, colourful and patterned espresso cups. Discover the universe of beautiful and aesthetic ceramic espresso cups and find your favourite cup today.


Fine ceramic espresso cups

All our espresso cups are made of ceramic. This gives them a sleek and stylish look - as well as being useful and sturdy. GreenGate espresso cups are finely rounded and have no handle, so they sit well in the hand. Although most people drink an espresso relatively quickly, the ceramic helps to retain some of the warmth of the coffee so it can be enjoyed.

Whether you prefer simple and minimalist designs or more decorative and colourful patterns, we have a mug for you. If you prefer a large mug, you can check out all GreenGate mugs here.


A cup for every occasion: GreenGate espresso cup

The espresso cups by GreenGate can not only be used for serving your morning coffee. You can use them for example for:

- Serving other types of coffee

- Serving small desserts or snacks

- Decorating or adding decorative elements to the shelf 

- Serving small refreshments such as juice or ginger shots

Our espresso cups are perfect for a delicious small espresso and have quickly become an essential part of our cup range. Set up a cosy breakfast table and combine the espresso cups with a tablecloth, spoons and French bowls. You can also arrange them on one of our small trays with a small cake on the side - the perfect afternoon treat.

Beautiful and aesthetic espresso cups 

GreenGate espresso cups are designed with care and attention to detail. Our small cups have a romantic aesthetic. Each espresso cup has a unique pattern or decorative element that makes it visually appealing.

- Fluted espresso cups

- Flowered espresso cups

- Gold rimmed espresso cups

- Striped espresso cups

For a romantic or summery espresso cup, choose our flora espresso cup with a floral motif. For a subdued and simple cup, choose a white fluted cup or a coloured fluted cup from our popular Alice collection.


Buy your GreenGate espresso cups today.

If you buy our beautiful espresso cups before 12 noon, they will be shipped to you the same day. If you have any questions about using our espresso cups, please contact GreenGate Customer Service at We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Start your search for the perfect espresso cup today!