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The soup bowls by GreenGate are essential kitchen utensils. They are perfect for serving soups, broths, stews, or dishes with sauces. They are not only practical and functional, but also aesthetic and beautiful. Find the perfect soup bowl for your home and enjoy a tasteful table decoration with GreenGate.


Soup bowls by GreenGate

Our soup bowls are more than just a utensil; they are part of the dining experience. A beautifully presented soup in a charming ceramic bowl can make a meal even more enjoyable and memorable. Whether you choose a plain white fluted soup bowl, a colorful ceramic soup bowl, or one of our beautiful floral bowls, the important thing is to choose a soup bowl that suits your personal style.


Lovely printed soup bowls

GreenGate has a variety of soup bowls in different motifs, colors, and designs. For those who prefer a minimalist design, we offer beautiful soup bowls in a modern and simple look that will enhance any table setting with their understated elegance.

For those who love flowers, we offer a range of soup bowls with floral motifs and in pastel shades. The colorful and playful bowls are ideal for anyone who wants to capture the beauty of nature and integrate it into the table.

Regardless of your style and preferences, GreenGate offers a wide range of soup bowls to suit your needs and desires. You can see all GreenGate bowls here.


Soup bowls, ramen bowls, pasta bowls...

Our incredibly versatile soup bowls can be used for much more than just soups. GreenGate soup bowls can be used for the following, among other things:

- Bowls for wok dishes

- Bowls for berries with cream

- Ice cream bowls

- Chips bowl

And that is not all. You can also serve breakfast, desserts, salads or pasta dishes in the bowls if you like. Check out our complete range of salad bowls, cereal bowls or snack bowls.


Durable ceramic soup bowls 

All soup bowls are made of ceramic, which makes them better at retaining heat and easy to maintain.

GreenGate's soup bowls are made of ceramic, which means they are very durable. Most of our soup bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can easily reheat your leftovers and clean the bowls easily after use. 

Please note, however, that our soup bowls with gold rims are neither dishwasher nor microwave safe.


Set your dining table with soup bowls by GreenGate

Do you want to set an aesthetic and complete table for your guests? GreenGate offers the unique possibility of combining soup bowls and other tableware. For example, you can combine soup bowls with beautiful plates in different colors or elegant serving bowls. These can be combined with our jugs and mugs, for example.


Buy your soup bowl today from GreenGate

If you have any questions about our ceramic bowls, please contact GreenGate customer service at We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Start your search for the perfect soup bowl at GreenGate today!