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Collection: Cereal bowls

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's why Greengate has designed a wide range of elegant and colourful breakfast bowls. Your breakfast table will shine with beautiful cream bowls. We have everything from a stylish white fluted breakfast bowl to a romantic flower bowl. Find ceramic breakfast bowls in every colour imaginable among our wide selection:

Perfect ceramic breakfast bowls
We love our Greengate breakfast and musli bowls ourselves. Not just because of the design, but because they're a great size. It fits most things. They're all 7cm in height and 14cm in diameter, making them near perfect for most occasions.

Much more than yoghurt bowls
A bowl for breakfast isn't limited to oatmeal, yogurt and cereal, of course. In fact, there's nothing Greengate's yamer bowls can't be used for. Are you serving fruit to the kids or are you having Friday sweets? Or are you serving a delicious soup for dinner? The breakfast bowl can do it all.

Elegant cereal bowls in all colours
You can get ceramic cereal bowls in over 11 different colours. Find exactly the shade that suits your home and taste. If you want to keep it simple, a white ribbed breakfast bowl might be just the thing. Love pops of colour - you may need to buy and mix several different colours.

- White ribbed breakfast bowls
- Red breakfast bowls
- Grey breakfast bowls
- Green breakfast bowls
- Pink breakfast bowls
- Blue breakfast bowls
- And many more colours

Match it with your breakfast bowl
Want to set an aesthetic table? You can mix and match your set with our other bowls, plates, cups and jugs. Whether you want a set in one stylish colour or mix and match according to the rainbow. See our Everyday collection. Here you can find others to match our bowls in the Everyday range.
Among our bowls you will also find other small bowls for breakfast. You can see our nice small bowls or sugar bowls. These can be used for small dishes, dips or snacks. 
Buy your breakfast bowl at Greengate
Greengate is an obvious choice if you need breakfast bowls, yoghurt bowls or muesli bowls. They're just the right size and wonderfully versatile. Explore the wide range on our website, including which other bowls you can set your table with.