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Are you looking for a beautiful snack bowl for your table? At GreenGate we offer a wide range of beautiful snack bowls. Whether you're hosting guests or just need a bowl for your weekend snacks, you'll find beautiful bowls for snacks like nuts, chips, dips, and more. Check out the great selection here:


Finding beautiful and useful snack bowls

A beautiful snack bowl is an important element of your table decoration. The manageable size of 0.2 litres is ideal for serving a small snack or other treat. Use it as a candy bowl, dip bowl, crisp bowl, biscuit bowl and more.


Snack bowl for savoury nibbles.

A bowl for crisps and a bowl for dips are perfect for a small aperitif or a glass of champagne. Use your bowl for nuts such as salted almonds or cashews.


A small bowl for ice cubes in the summer heat.

The heat means your bottle of rosé won't be quite as cold as you'd like. Fill a GreenGate snack bowl with ice cubes and a spoon. Then your guests can decide for themselves whether they want to chill their drink. 

We have a large selection of bowls, such as large serving bowls, cereal bowls or salad bowls. Here you can get an overview and find all our bowls.


Buy a cute bowl that suits your style

Do you love a well-set table like we do? Then you know how nice it is to put a snack bowl on the table that matches the rest of the place setting. At GreenGate, you can buy a complete dinnerware set from the same series so that everything from the cups to the plates and platters match.


Put your tableware set together

You have many options for how to put your tableware together. Would you like a sweet of the same design, or would you rather combine tableware in a different pattern and make your own combination? At GreenGate you can combine one or more of our beautiful designs or choose a pattern that suits your aesthetic.

Find all of GreenGate's cutlery and tableware here.

Buy your snack and sweet bowl online at GreenGate. Delivery is free for orders over 60 euros. The normal delivery time is 3-4 working days.