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Collection: Serving bowls

Cooking but need a big bowl to serve in? With a GreenGate serving bowl, it's easy to serve a delicious meal in a beautiful and unique way. We have a wide range of large and small serving bowls, colourful or white serving bowls. To suit your taste.

Find a large serving bowl
GreenGate has both small and large bowls so you can serve dishes. If you're serving a larger dish such as a green salad or pasta salad, it's nice to have a big bowl. In that case, check out our large ceramic serving bowls from the Everyday range. They are perfect as large bowls for serving noodle salads, green salads, potato salads and more.

Decorative serving bowls in many colours
We have serving bowls for every taste. If you have a particular colour theme in your set, you're sure to find something that will fit in. At GreenGate you will find:

- Blue serving bowls
- Grey serving bowls
- White and ribbed serving bowls
- Grey serving bowls
- Red serving bowls
- And several different floral prints
Buy a smart serving bowl set
The large Alice bowls are a great serving bowl set, available in many colours. The bowls are deep and can hold a lot. The set consists of a medium and a large serving bowl. They are very useful and look great when you serve several dishes or accessories on the table. If you want more small serving bowls in the same style, you can also see GreenGate's range of small bowls.
Serving bowls for every occasion
If you want to serve in a small serving bowl, check out our French collection. These can also be used as bowls for risalamande, for soup, or salad as a starter. GreenGate serving bowls work in this way for many different dishes and occasions. 
GreenGate has made serving bowls for every situation and need. If you want to explore our small and large serving bowls, you can get an overview below:

- French bowls on foot
- Small bowls for taps
- Large salad bowls
- Serving platters

It can be hard to know which bowl is best for a dish or occasion. If it's fancy, a bowl or platter set the tone. If you're more into family style, a large serving bowl or platter is the way to go.
Porcelain and melamine serving bowls
All GreenGate bowls are porcelain. This means that all our bowls are microwave safe. And you don't have to worry about leftovers from the night before, or that brunch you had this morning. In fact, you can easily heat up the soup, pasta, or oatmeal in the same bowl.
Make your serving bowl purchase at Greengate
GreenGate has a great selection of all kinds of serving bowls. We have both white ribbed serving bowls, and we have a lot of colorful and patterned serving bowls. They can all be used for serving any kind of food and at any time of the day.
Buy your serving bowl online at GreenGate.