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Do you need a small bowl to serve tapas, desserts or other small dishes? The selection of small bowls from Greengate can be used as tapas sets, soy bowls or small ovenproof bowls. Ideal for serving sweets, nuts, olives and more. Here you can find the entire range of small and mini bowls by Greengate:

Beautiful small ceramic bowls
Greengate has a wide range of small bowls that are suitable for many occasions. You will find mini bowls in all colors. 
- White mini bowl
- Red mini bowl
- Pink mini bowl
- Pink mini bowl
Our mini bowl Alice is a great little fluted bowl made of ceramic that is dishwasher and microwave safe. If you want a matching set of bowls, you can add breakfast bowls in the same design, for example. In our Everyday collection, you will find more products for your set in the same colors and with the same ribbed design.
Get all your tableware from Greengate
Setting the table can be a challenge when you're serving tapas or lots of small dishes. You rarely have enough matching plates, platters, and bowls. At Greengate, you will find everything you need for a perfect tapas table.
In our tapas bowls you can serve your hummus, pesto, various olives, stuffed peppers, nuts and much more. 
Mix and match small bowls
For a perfectly set table, you can combine the small bowls by Greengate with our other bowls. For example, our salad bowls or serving bowls.
If you prepare a big salad or a pasta dish for many people, you can easily use salad bowls or serving bowls.

Small bowl - versatile in use
There are countless uses for a small bowl. It can be a bowl for the tea bag when the tea has steeped. It can be served with olives, nuts, sweets, or biscuits. You can put the mini bowl on the table when dinner calls for grated cheese, other crumbles, or dipping sauces. Use them as individual soy bowls when it's time for sushi or spring rolls.
- Soy shells
- Bowls for grated cheese, sprinkles, or dressing
- Small tapas bowls
- Bowls for olives or olive pits
- Small ovenproof dishes that can be heated in the oven
- A small bowl for jewelry such as keys and finger rings
A wide range of mini bowls at Greengate
At Greengate, we have everything for your table setting. If you're looking for a sugar bowl with a lid, check out our selection of sugar bowls. If you are interested in learning about our different collections, flavors, or colors. In addition, you can explore what Greengate offers are currently available.