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Collection: Halloween

Every year on 31 October, spooky Halloween decorations adorn our homes. Halloween is the custom on the evening and night before the church festival All Saints' Day. The customs were especially widespread in Catholic Ireland. The Irish immigrants in the USA cultivated them in memory of their homeland. In recent years, this tradition has also become increasingly popular in Europe.  

To celebrate the night of the first of November in a proper way, the right Halloween party decorations are of course a must. At GreenGate, we sweeten the dark season by baking cakes and doing fun activities together, such as pumpkin carving.
In addition to classic Halloween ideas like the hollowed-out pumpkin, modern Halloween ideas for the table and the door are more in demand than ever. Here is a selection of our popular Halloween products. For the perfect autumn table, combine the designs with GreenGate Everyday tableware in coral and dusty green.