Set your table with the latest flower trend

GreenGate sets beautiful Christmas tables with the Everyday series and uses all shades of red - from dusty rose to dark bordeaux, decorated with waxed flower bulbs.





Grow beautiful flower bulbs

There are many gorgeous bulb flowers you can grow in the winter. They are typical December plants and works beautifully as decoration on your Christmas table. Amongst the bulb flower family are tulips, amaryllis and hyacinth. These plants are bought in pots when they are tiny sprouts that peep out of the earth. When they come into the warm, they turn into pretty flowers.

Hyacinth has gained popularity in the last few years and no longer belongs in the flower pot. They can be used for different purposes, not only as table decoration, but also in beautiful glass vases with spruce branches or thick branches.

Use the waxed glitter bulbs in your hallway as Christmas decoration, together with large and heavy candles or as a gift for the host at Christmas gatherings.

How to wax beautiful hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs dusted with glitter

  • Cut the roots off the bulbs and peel off the outer layer, so you have an even surface.
  • Melt wax residue or candles in a hot water bath. If you only have white candles, you can add melting colours. You can also purchase colour and wax in a hobby shop if you want to achieve a more intense colouring.
  • Dip the bulbs in the wax several times. Make sure that you do not dip the green leaves into the wax.
  • TIP. Pour boiling water into the bowl with wax. It will come to the surface and that makes it easier to dip the bulbs into the wax entirely.
  • Put the bulbs to dry on baking paper when you have achieved the desired thickness. Be sure to put the bulbs upright, so that the top points upwards.
  • If you wish to decorate the peel, you need to wait until it is dried. Then, you can spray it with glue and sprinkle it with glitter.

A new life efter winter

When Christmas is over and the bulbs have bloomed, you can replant them in the garden. Plant them in flower beds during the spring and see them bloom year efter year. Please note that especially hyacinth flowers diminish when they are planted in flower beds. But the flower is so beautiful that they are worth it.