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Collection: French bowls

French Bowls

The French Bowls by GreenGate are beautiful and classic bowls with a foot. The beautiful French bowls are available in many different designs and offer a wide range of uses. Find a beautiful and functional French bowl by GreenGate that perfectly matches your tableware.


Find your French Bowl at GreenGate

French bowls get their name because they originate from the western region of France, Brittany.

Our GreenGate versions of the French Bowl have become a staple in the range. The refined design has made the bowl a true GreenGate classic.


French bowls on a foot

A French bowl is a classic bowl design where the bowl stands on one foot - and sometimes has two handles or knobs. Our GreenGate French Bowls don't have handles, but still have a classic design. Bowls with a foot add a touch of formality to your table. If you ask us, the bowls are suitable for both formal and everyday use.


Small or large French bowl?

The tradition of bowl sizes has changed over time, but at GreenGate you can find French bowls in two different sizes.

- Small French bowl 10 cm diameter

- Large French bowl 13.5 cm diameter

The different sizes give the bowls their versatility - whether you are serving salad, soup or chips and dip.


Beautiful bowls in many designs

At GreenGate you will find many different beautiful French bowls. Our French bowls come in a wide range of motifs, colours and designs. The bowls are part of different collections. So if you fall in love with a bowl, you can keep the rest of your tableware in the same style. Of course, you can also combine the different collections with each other. You can see all of GreenGate's bowls here.


Fine French bowls with many functions

Our French bowls are not only versatile in design, but also in use. The French Bowls by Greengate can be used as:

- Soup bowls

- Snack bowls for chips and nuts

- Bowls for dips

- Bowls for sweets

- Bowls for ice cubes

- Bowls for breakfast

- Small salad bowls

If you are looking for other bowls with a slightly larger size that have other uses, we also offer these. See all our large bowls here.


High quality French ceramic bowls 

GreenGate's French bowls are all made of ceramic, which makes them better at maintaining their temperature and easy to clean. GreenGate's French Bowls are made in such a way that almost all bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.

However, it is important to note that the beautiful FrenchBowls with gold rims are not microwave and dishwasher safe.


Beautifully set table with French Bowls by GreenGate

Do you collect a certain GreenGate tableware set and want to stick to one design? The French Bowls by GreenGate are available in the different collections, so that you can compose your tableware individually. Combine French Bowls with plates and serving platters. Design your table according to your personal taste.


Buy your French bowl today at GreenGate

If you buy your French bowl from GreenGate before 12 noon, it will be packed and shipped the same day. If you have any questions about French Bowls, your order or anything else, contact GreenGate's customer service team at Our customer service team always aims to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.