How to tie a bouquet of flowers




We give flowers as gifts on all kinds of occasions. But also in your own home you can create colorful accents with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and provide freshness and liveliness in the room. To ensure that your own flower bouquet succeeds and stays fresh for a long time, there are a few helpful tips & tricks that you should definitely follow.


When choosing flowers, make sure that the blossoms are not already about to fade, rather go for slightly closed blossoms for a longer shelf life.

Cut the flowers carefully with a sharp knife or garden scissors and free the stem ends from foliage and thorns. It is important that the part of the bouquet that is in the water is free of leaves, as these would cause bacterial development and cause the bouquet to fade quickly.



To begin with, choose the largest possible flower to form the central point in the bouquet, if the stem is a little unstable you can wrap it with binding wire for more support. Now pin flowers and foliage together alternately to loosen them up. Place new flower stems at an angle on top of the existing bouquet, turning it every so often to make sure the arrangement fits well together.

When you have finished pinning, small mistakes can be corrected by carefully moving individual strands back and forth. For a perfect overall look, make sure that the centre is the highest point in the bouquet. Before tying the bouquet together, cut all the flower styles to the same length at an angle. This has the advantage that the surface area for water and nutrients is larger, giving the flower more strength.

Now all you have to do is tie the bouquet together. Take about 20 to 30 centimetres of ribbon and wrap it around the bouquet. Hold one end of the ribbon with your thumb, which is also holding the bouquet, to keep some tension. Then wrap the ribbon around the bouquet at least three times.