GreenGate’s first Everyday collection was introduced in the Spring of 2016. Back then, the colour pallette and product selection was not as large and varied as it is today. At that time, the collection was only produced in 3 pastel colours; pale blue, pale pink and pale green. These are to this day still very popular and play a big part in our Summer collections. The products consisted of latte cups, mugs, cereal bowls, egg cups, lunch plates, dinner plates as well as jugs and tea pots and small pastel coloured creamers and sugar pots. These products still thrive today with the addition of many new ones, including coffee cups with saucers, spoons, cake trays, deep plates and much more. Today we also have a large selection of colours ranging from beautiful pastels and deep greens to delicious brown and beige tones.



From the very beginning the Alice collections (which is the name of all our Everyday products) have been incredibly popular and sought after. The simple, more rustic look is the perfect contrast to our classic and colourful GreenGate stoneware. The benefit with the Alice products is that they can be used alone or easily be combined with the classic floral GreenGate stoneware. The combination of GreenGate lunch plates and Everyday dinner plates is truly perfect and the possibilities are endless. A little green detail in a flower, for example in the new Marie dusty rose design, makes it the perfect fit for Alice dusty green. And the little elements of brown nuances in our Mozy design, makes the stoneware look incredible with the new Autumn 2021 colours Alice creamy fudge and Alice hazelnut brown.




If you wish to create a different vibe in your table setting, you can try something else than “just” mixing GreenGate and Everyday plates. You can also set the table with Everyday plates and then add some romance to the table with floral bowls, egg cups or jugs. The possibilities are unlimited and it is your imagination that sets the limit.




In the latest seasons, the Everyday collection has been expanded considerably, so it does not only include stoneware. We now how the practical and versatile plastic bowl set. The bowl set includes 3 bowls in 3 different sizes with practical airtight lids. They are ideal for storage both in the refrigerator and freezer, but also pretty enough for serving at the table or at a potluck. For serving, we also have matching pie- and lasagna dishes in multiple colours, the latter has just been introduced in the Autumn 2021 collection.  




At the moment, the Everyday collection consists of 19 different colours, ranging from the timeless white and grey to the trend based colours lavender, coral and yellow. All Alice products are glazed one time and burnt at high temperatures to make them extremely durable. In every batch small variations in colour can occur as well as minor beauty flaws, which just adds to the charm of the products. The quality is very high and all the products are dishwasher safe. See the whole collection and find your favourite colour here.