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Teapot Harmony white

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A GreenGate porcelain teapot is a stylish and elegant addition to any tea lover's collection. Made of high-quality porcelain, it is durable and designed to keep your tea warm for longer periods. Harmony is a wonderfully detailed floral pattern that exudes style and sophistication with its warm grey and blue color scheme. The stylish design of Harmony makes it a statement piece that can elevate the look of any room, while its warm color palette creates a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. Combining Harmony with everyday tableware in dark blue and white. The warm grey and blue tones in Harmony can complement the cool blues and whites of the tableware, creating a balanced and harmonious visual effect.
Product details

Material: Stoneware
Color: white
Height: 16 cm
Diameter/Width: 15,5 cm
Capacity: 1 L
Collection: GreenGate
Design: Harmony

Care instructions

Microwave safe