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GreenGate produces a wide range of quality ceramics. From our cups and bowls to plates and jugs. On this page you can browse the offers from GreenGate. At GreenGate you will find beautiful ceramics and textiles, at a reduced price. So go in search of your next coffee mug, teapot or something else entirely among our many offers.


GreenGate Outlet

GreenGate's outlet products offer the usual quality and beautiful design that GreenGate is known for. You will find a wide selection of the many famous designs on offer, there is something for everyone.


Beautiful bowls on offer

Are you looking for new bowls? Whether you're looking for salad bowls, breakfast bowls or soup bowls, GreenGate has a great selection of beautiful quality bowls on special offer.


Ceramic cups on special offer

GreenGate has many cups and mugs on offer. Our cups and mugs come in a variety of designs, colours and for a variety of purposes. You can find GreenGate's many different offers for cups and mugs here:

- Mug offers

- Coffee mug offers

- Offer tea cup

- Offer cup with handle

- Offer cup with saucer

- Offer espresso cup

Take a look at the many GreenGate mugs. You can see all GreenGate cups here.


GreenGate Sale

The sale items from GreenGate are of high quality and beautiful designs. So the low prices say nothing about how good the cups, bowls etc. are.

Most of the ceramic items from GreenGate are microwave and dishwasher safe, although it should be noted that our ceramic items with gold rims cannot be put in the dishwasher or microwave.


Buy ceramic mugs on sale at GreenGate today.

Want to get your next ceramic as soon as possible? If you order cups, bowls or mugs on special offer before 12 noon, we will pack and ship them to you the same day. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. If you would like to contact GreenGate's customer service, you can email We aim to respond within 24 hours. Browse the many offers from GreenGate today.