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Collection: Kristel

The Kristel collection captures the essence of a summer day by the sea. The collection features wild and diverse flowers in a tasteful color scheme inspired by the tranquil beauty of the sea. Whether you're planning a summer home or a picnic by the sea, the Kristel collection is a perfect fit. The Resa design features a graphic representation of beach dunes and Scandinavian summer nights. Helen is a classic stripe pattern and adds a touch of timeless sophistication to your home. The Linea design is inspired by blue Scandinavian summer skies and white sandy beaches, and the graphic flowers convey a sense of calm and harmony. Anneli features a graphic image in different shades of blue that creates a timeless aesthetic, while the Celina design features an original graphic floral pattern in shades of blue and neutral white that adds a touch of playfulness to your décor.
From delicate mugs and jugs to stylish bed covers and cushions, the collection has something for everyone. The collection makes it possible to take a piece of coastal charm with you wherever you go. Whether you want to make your bedroom cozy or freshen up your dining table, the Kristel collection offers a beautiful selection of products.